Donate books in 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Gather your books together 

Grab a box or a bag, and gather together your English language children's books (0-16 years) that you no longer read, need, or love. Please only English language books as we are not currently set up to manage books in other languages.

Each book that we receive undergoes a stringent quality inspection before passed on for others to enjoy.  You can help us out by checking that your books meet our minimum quality guidelines!




  •   Limited writing or highlighting in the text

  •   Free from excessive mold or stains on pages or book covers


Step2: Drop off the books at a reBooked Book Drop Spot or contact us for book collection (for quantities of approximately 50 or more books)

reBooked Book Drop Spot


Drop off books at the following location*:

Rosey Cloud Shop 

2F/Hollywood House

29 Hollywood Road, Central


*If you would like credits for the books, please leave your name and e-mail contact together with your books. 

Book Collection (for quantities of approximately 50 or more)

Please contact us at to arrange for pick-up.  You can help us by sending a photo of the bags or boxes to be collected.


Credits for Book Donation

All donated books come to our sorting facility where our book sorters carefully determine which books can be re-sold, donated or recycled. 

For every donation of one full-sized, good condition (or better) sellable book, you will receive a HK$1 store credit which can be used to purchase books in our online bookshop.

We will notify you of your credits within 7 days of collecting your books. 

Please get in touch! 


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