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Chapter Books

 Ages 6 to 8 years

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Baby Books/ Board Books

 Ages 0 to 4 years

Chapter Books

 Ages 9 to 12 years

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Picture Books 

 Ages 3 to 6 years

Young Adult

 Ages 12+ years

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Picture Story Books

 Ages 5 to 8 years

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Give Books a New Chapter in Life 

Donate and Buy Pre-loved Kids' and Young Adults Books

Welcome to reBooked!  At reBooked, we love books. We know that great books are more about the stories that unfold in their pages than their actual covers. We hate the thought that a slightly used book may be gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, or even worse - sent to a landfill - instead of bringing joy to a new reader. 


Contact us and we will collect your pre-loved children's books from your doorsteps. We will then upload the book titles on our online book shop for sale at super-discounted prices. 

reBooked is a non-profit social enterprise that aims to promote a circular economy for children's books. 

We make it easy for Hong Kong families to give used books a new home. Thank you for sharing the joy of reading with others! 


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